Each viewer can see in Ayyad Alnimer’s paintings one’s own story: a story of love, a story of death, a story of one’s search for meaning.  Yet, his paintings are not instructions.  Instead, they provide the opportunity to deliberate on the I/We/They triad; they represent a kind of turning point in the transformation of ordinary time into the time subjectively experienced.  The artist, who experiences life in his own unique way, courageously shares his vision with us; he encourages us to personalize our perception of the world by utilizing the seemingly unstructured images of his paintings.  Thus, however indirectly, he inspires us to gain confidence in our own predictiveness, with the help of which our imagination may bridge our empiricism and our ends. 


"Say no to doom or helplessness!  Breathe deeply!  Live!  Love!  Can you hear?"  This is what the artist’s calling to us seems to be.  And we respond to his calling.



Olga Repina

Ayyad Alnimer

The Colored Bridge over the Divide

Olga Repina

The subject of this book is Ayyad Alnimer's formative years as an artist, when he was able to overcome many a life obstacle to achieve his goal: to paint for people, to visualize the world for the rest of us.

This may be a good time to note that creative work is life itself expreinced in the moment, "here and now." It reflects the world as seen by an artist and transmitted through his feelings, his experiences, and his perceptions of life’s meaning or lack thereof. All these form the basis of his inspiration to create.

The art of Ayyad Alnimer may not be easy to take in. It is obvious that his inspiration has not sprung from boredom. For it is a genuine force that cannot be reduced to a series of sound bites. Ayyad Alnimer is an intellectual that thoroughly analyzes his visual impressions and intentions before committing them to canvas. His art is brimming with human feelings, love of life, and promise of a better future, and is devoid (which is a rarity in this day and age) of personal immaturity, growing pains, distress, and frustration. Nor is it self-serving. It is all about viewers, their thoughts and feelings.

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